How is the delivery?
Our deliveries are through a delivery company
Delivery time is 10-25 days.
The processing time for the order is 1-4 days. These days are not part of the delivery time.
Sometimes it arrives within a week, but it’s not just about our website.

How can I pay?
Payment is made on the site via PayPal.
If you do not have a credit card, you can also pay with cash or bank transfer.
If you would like to pay in this way, select it on the payment page and we will contact you immediately after ordering to coordinate the payment.

How will I know which size to choose?
The site operates according to the size chart and it is the customer’s responsibility to check the right size for them.
The site will not be held responsible if the product does not match the customer and it will not be possible to return or exchange it in such case.
It is important to know that sizing is standard and we recommend choosing your normal size.
If you are still unsure, the site team will be happy to assist you in choosing a size.

What is the difference between a fan shirt and a player version shirt?
The player’s version is actually the version that players wear on the turf, and the shirt comes with a tighter fit (narrow fit).
The symbols on the Player Edition are embossed with a different adhesive than the embroidered symbols on the Fan Edition.
The fans version is the regular shirt that everyone knows and is sold in fans shops, the fabric is a little thicker and the symbols on the shirt are sewn
It is important to note that both versions are of the highest quality that can be found.

Are the name and number printed on the back of the shirt in the original font?
Yes, all prints are in the original stripes for that season, just like the shirts worn by the players.

How is it recommended to wash clothes?
It is recommended to wash the garment by hand or with a gentle and cold wash, and it is recommended to turn the shirt inside out before washing.

Do you have products that do not appear on the site?
Yes, you can contact us and learn about products that are not shown on the site.

Is it possible to cancel the order?
You can cancel the order up to 24 hours after placing the order, after which it will not be possible to cancel the order.
Order cancellation includes a cancellation fee of 5% of the total transaction.

Is it possible to collect the order myself?
Yes, from our warehouses, contact us for more details