Return policy

The customer has the right to return the products if he wishes to do so, and we are keen to put the customer in the picture. We will explain the mechanism, terms and conditions that pertain to the Grinta store

Terms and Conditions :

  • The return period (two days) and replacement (5 days), from the date you received the product (contact methods are shown at the bottom of this page)
  • In the event that the customer wishes to “cancel the order or refund the amount,” it takes 3 working days to recover the amount
  • In the event that the delivery is free and the customer wants to exchange or return the product, there will be a shipping fee on the customer
  • In the event that he wishes to return or exchange after receiving the order, the customer shall bear the amount of the shipping fees or the full amount of the delivery fees
  • In the event that shipping is free and the customer wants to return the product, the return shipping value will be deducted
  • The shipping or delivery value that the customer paid upon ordering is non-refundable if the customer receives the product.
  • When returning or exchanging a product, the product must be 100% in the same original condition upon purchase, and no product will be returned permanently.
  • In the event that the error was from the store, God forbid (a different product, a different size, or a shortage in the order), the store bears all shipping or replacement costs without any increase to the customer, with the exception of discounted products and offers
  • Products that have been printed on at the request of the customer cannot be exchanged or returned at all

Please review the exchange and return policies and make sure that all conditions are met before contacting